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Scent of sex and New Found Glory playing as she's pulling back her hair...

[The story behind your LJ user name]: No real story I guess. I chose it because it matched my AIM Screenname. The story behind that is that it’s my nickname [lele], a kiss and a hug [xo], and the day I was born [30]

[Are you a lesbian?]: Nope. I like guys way too much.

[How old?]: 15 almost 16.

[Where do you live?]: Phoenix, Arizona. A.K.A the World’s Hottest Place.

[4 words that sum you up]: Friendly, outgoing, random, and compassionate.


[Wallet]: Its navy blue UFO pant material that looks like it’s quilted with a light blue rubber square on the front and matching interior with lots of pockets. I desperately need a new one because it’s not very pretty.

[Hairbrush]: An inch sized round brush with a black handle and bristles with red tips.

[Toothbrush]: Clear with marbleized magenta and light pink rubber grip and magenta and white bristles.

[Jewelry worn daily]: Sun and moon toe ring on my second left toe, some from of earrings, and usually my Tiffany bracelet.

[Pillow cover]: I have two pillows and they both have flannel material cases that have plain white backgrounds and are patterned with little pink roses with green leaves. They match my bedding.

[Blanket]: My comforter is a really pretty pink/mauve rose print with lots of green leaves that matches everything but pretty soon I’m going to get a plain white duvet cover. My other blanket that I keep on my bed and sometimes sleep with is a piece of zebra/glitter print material that furry and really awesome!

[Coffee cup]: I don’t have one right now. But the one I want is this really pretty one with a red watercolor type bloom at Pier 1

[Sunglasses]: I need to get a pair! The ones I want are by Tilt at PacSun

[Underwear]: Well, I have a lot. My favorites are the tan ones I run meets in because they are really comfortable or the ones Susie, Sarah and I bought together because of the memories! LOL!

[Shoes]: Adidas Superstar 2G’s. They’re white and silver and cool. Otherwise it’s strictly Roxy flip-flops.

[Handbag]: It’s from American Eagle and it’s khaki colored with a chocolate brown seatbelt like strap, a little silver piece with “ae” carved in it in really cool handwriting.

[Favorite top]: Hmm… my Delancy shirt from Old Navy.

[Favorite pants]: This question sucks because I’m in desperate need of new pants because all of mine are too large. But, I would have to say my distressed jeans from AE or my cool ones from Roots in Canada.

[Cologne/Perfume]: “Lucky You” by Lucky Brand or the new one by Tommy Hilfiger.

[CD in stereo right now]: The mix I made with bands like Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Phantom Planet, and John Mayer. It’s good stuff.

[Tattoos]: None yet. I think I may want to get one when I get older though. What I have in mind are a black “87” with a clover next to it on the small of my back or a red hibiscus on the small of my back, or a celestial thing on the underside of my bicep left. I’m not really sure.

[Piercing]: One hole in each ear lobe, though since I was eight I’ve wanted to get a cartilage piercing in my left ear.

[What you are wearing now]: Black Roxy tank top and khaki capris.

[Hair]: In a messy ponytail. Usually it’s either in a ponytail, bun, or just down.

[Makeup]: Today and most days just mascara and cherry chapstick. Sometimes I’ll have a little fun and wear eyeliner and/or shimmer powder on my eyes.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) -

[In my mouth]: My mouth, newly professionally cleaned teeth, the aftertaste of a NutriGrain bar.

[In my head]: “I Want To Save You” by Something Corporate [only because I’m listening to it] and random thoughts about the story I’m in the process of writing and what stuff I need to do.

[Wishing]: That it wasn’t so cold in my house, that I could go somewhere, and that I could talk to JD.

[After this]: I'm going to eat dinner, watch Gilmore Girls, call Ashley about our project, and after that take a shower and probably go to bed.

[Talking to]: No one. AOL is off, Dad is asleep, Mom isn’t home, and Katie is being a dork.

[Eating:]: Nothing. I just had a mixed berry NutriGrain bar though.

[Fetishes]: Motocross, boys who ride MTX, jocks, preppy clothing, punk/rock/pop music, Indie films, and reading/writing even though I wouldn’t call that a fetish.

[If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?]: No one.

[Person you wish you could see right now]: JD, Gregg, or any of my friends.

[Is next to you]: A cup that used to have water, color coded notecards, pencil cup, printer, alarm clock, purple floppy disk, watch, Homecoming/Sadies pictures of friends, Kleenex box, and computer stuff.

[Some of your favorite movies]: Peter Pan, Hook, Newsies, O, Remember the Titans, The Virgin Suicides, A Walk To Remember, October Sky, and The Breakfast Club.

[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]: Winter Formal, Christmas, cold weather.

[The last thing you ate?]: A NutriGrain bar. What isn’t that like the third time? LOL.

[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]: Hmm… being alone and unloved.


[Do you like candles]: Yep.

[Do you like hot wax]: I like dipping my finger tip in it and then peeling it off and seeing my finger print.

[Do you like incense]: Only some.

[Do you like the taste of blood]: Nope.

[Do you believe in love]: Yep.

[Do you believe in soul mates]: Kind of.

[Do you believe in love at first sight]: Maybe.

[Do you believe in Heaven]: Yes.

[Do you believe in forgiveness]: Yep.

[Do you believe in God]: Yes.

[What do you want done with your body when you die]: I want my organs donated to research and then I want to be buried.

[Who is your worst enemy?]: Don’t have one.

[If you could have any animal for a pet]: An otter or a golden retriever/Irish setter.

[What is the latest you've ever stayed up]: Hmm… all night.

[Ever been to Belgium?]: Nope.

[Can you eat with chopsticks]: Yep.

[What's your favorite coin?]: Pennies or Canadian money.

[What are 3 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]: Vancouver, Newport/Huntington Beach, or Kona.

[What are some of your favorite pig out foods?]: Hmm… I don’t really have a pig out food. Hold up… Ice Cream. I cannot resist a good old pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Or frozen coke because it’s my lifeblood.

[What's something that you wish people would understand?]: That hating one another for stupid reasons isn’t cool.

[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: How people can be so mean to one another for no reason. Oh and love.

[Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?]: Hmm… I’m not sure. My Dad, Sharla Allison, Zech, Angel, Jayne and Tori.

[What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow?]: To have an awesome day.
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