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And the ocean calls it says find that girl before she's gone...

  • The Weather Outside Is: Kind of overcast but still pretty sunny.
  • Wondering: When will our new fridge be hooked up?
  • Wishing: That it wasn't so cold in my house and that I could go somewhere.
  • Munching On: Nothing
  • Slurping Down: Nothing. I should probably go get some water.
  • My Silly Hair Is: Messy ponytail.
  • Looking Stylish In: Black Roxy tank top and khaki capris.
  • Downloading: Nothing. Kazaa isn't even on.
  • Seeing: Windows Media player.
  • Chatting To: No one. AOL isn't on either.


Holy Sugar!

Sheesh. Sebastien Lefebvre aka Seb [or as I call him Sebby Poo... don't ask... long story about being in Canada] from Simple Plan is almost as cute as his lovely bandmate Captian Bouvier and you must be pretty darn attractive to be compared to the man who is the epitome of attractivness [next to Paul of GC of course]

Anyhoo, today was boring once again. I went to the dentist and I have a cavity and I have to get sealents on the upper molars. Blah. So basically at 7:00 AM on Friday I get the privlege of being at the dentist. Eww. Other then that I talked to Ashley about our WH project, talked to Susie [materialgrl82] about writing a story together and sat around here. Pretty fun.

Last night I watched Donnie Darko. That's such a good movie. I'm offically afraid of people named Frank who wear Bunny Suits. LOL. It's an awesome movie though. Jake Gyleenhaal and Jena Malone [she was in Life as a House which is another awesome movie] played really good characters.

Well, I must be going. The people are here for the fridge. More later...

OOOO! Wait before I forget! Look what I learned today:

Hehe, I've been wanting to know how to do this for the LONGEST time. So now instead of wasting all that space with test results I'll just do this little number. I'm so proud of my self.
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