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In many ways they'll miss the good old days someday...

Well, well, well. I'm back. Or at least hopefully I'm back. Sorry for the lackage of updatage. My life is hectic, crazy, and full of chaos. Yes indeed. Whirlwind is the perfect word I would use to describe it at the moment. LOL. So anyways here's some updates on what's been going on:

  • Gregg: Haha... very confusing story here. I've given him the three strikes were friends deal. There was Sadies where he couldn't go [1], the football game where he ignored me [2], and most recently homecoming [3]. Basically for the whole homecoming he said he had a surprise and the surprise turned out to be how he asked this girl to homecoming. Needless to say I was pretty upset because I thought that we might have had something but we don't. I'm just happy being his friend and that's where I think we are going to stay.

  • Cross Country: Well, this has been crazy lately. We had a invite in Tucson which we won and a couple meets that we won too. But, yesterday we had Doug Conley and we only got third. Coach is mad at us because of it too. It's weird perfection is something that everyone is expecting from me now and it's just not working.

  • School and Other: Ahh, school is just the same. A lot of work and barely any time. But, what else is new? Student Council is going really well. We're selling Hot Chocolate and having a dinner night for our fundraisers. Family is weird again. Mom is always upset and that makes everyone else upset. I wish I could just get away from it for awhile and that everything would go back to normal but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Everything is confused with that.

So do you see why I haven't exactly updated in awhile. Hahaha. Well, I've got English to do and a mother to talk to. So here are some banners and I'll write more later...

The What Soda Are You Quiz

Hahaha... true.

What Do You Wear to Bed?

Once again true

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