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Will you remember me, because I know I won't forget you...

  • The Weather Outside Is: Clear blue skies and pretty.
  • Wondering: How much I dislike cramps and whether or not I can do something this weekend.
  • Wishing: That I felt better.
  • Munching On: Nothing. I just had McDonalds though.
  • Slurping Down: Orange HiC from McDonalds.
  • My Silly Hair Is: Down and curled under.
  • Looking Stylish In: Bell sleeved top, embordiered jeans, charm braclet.
  • Downloading: Nothing. No Kazaa for awhile.
  • Seeing:
  • Chatting To: Nobody. No more AOL for a long time


Wow. Long time no write. And this time it wasn't because I was lazy, it's because I was seriously a bad kid. Yeah. I got two C's on my midterm so I got in some trouble. I got the computer taken out of my room, I wasn't allowed to go to the Incubus concert, and I was restricted which basically means I couldn't really do anything fun. It's not bunco at all. But, I'm doing really well in school now [straight A's I do believe] so, I should be back to somewhat normal soon.

Anyways. School is the same old. I've been working extra hard to keep all my homework and grades up so I've been busy with that. My Cross Country is offically over which is nice and sad at the same time. It's a huge time opener but I'll miss the girls and stuff. But hey, NEXT SEASON! LOL.

Student Council is so much fun this year. Today we picked out our background and tickets for Winter Formal. Everything for that dance is going to be so cute. The theme is "Baby It's Cold Outside" and everything is sapphire, silver, glistening white with snowmen and snowflakes. It's so pretty. The only bad thing is that I'm going to be out of town for it [CALIFORNIA BABY!]. But, that's okay...

Well, I'd better get going. More later!
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