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I'm a High School lover...

  • The Weather Outside Is: Dark and slightly overcast.
  • Wondering: What Susie and I's story will be like...
  • Wishing: That I could go to the party tonight.
  • Munching On: Lemonade popsicle
  • Slurping Down: Water
  • My Silly Hair Is: Flippy Bun thingy.
  • Looking Stylish In: Thunder This shirt, khaki shorts.
  • Downloading: Nothing.
  • Seeing: Windows Media player and IM's.
  • Chatting To: Susie and Gregg


Blah. Actually today wasn't as boring as I planned. Though, it was still boring.

Basically I sat around here, went to Safeway, made cake and cassorle, talked to Susie [materialgrl82] and Gregg and then went to the meet. The meet was actually fun. I hung out with Megan, Jeff, Brian, Evan and some other random guys and we gave water to the runners. It was pretty cool. I also talked to Sharee and she's going to come over to make Sopillas on Halloween so were going to have lives together that night. LOL.

Ooo... Susie and I have started our story. It's going to kick major pigs. I swear. It's pretty dang cool. I love the names of the character we've picked out and the storyline. It's going to be one of the better ones I've written I think.

I took a couple tests today....
What Sign of Affection Are You?

How cute...

which eye are you?

I'm in love??? LOL!

Well yeah.... I'm going to go. More tomorrow.
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