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It's eating me alive to leave you...

  • The Weather Outside Is: Cloudy and dark. No stars X(.
  • Wondering: Wow. I like my MTX collage!
  • Wishing: I could get a hug from JD. XD!
  • Munching On: Homemade choclate-chip cookie!
  • Slurping Down: Milk [what else?]
  • My Silly Hair Is: Messy and curly bun.
  • Looking Stylish In: White tank top and green capri pajama pants.
  • Downloading: "Donnie Darko" so I can watch it tonight!
  • Seeing: My latest idea in Word.
  • Chatting To: No one. "Writing..." away message is up.

Hehehe... that current stuff is cute. I think I might just start doing that because I think it's so cute. Muhaha...

Anyways. First day of FALL BREAK. As you can tell by all of the test results and work on the journal to give it this awesome Hayden Christensen layout [major props to Thru-A-Lens for the awesome background and howto for the help with everything.] I've been a very bored chicklet. Otherwise today I just hung out, helped Dad with his computer, watched TV, and wrote.

Ooo. We're getting a new TV and fridge. The fridge comes tomorrow and it's the first fridge we've gotten with the ice dispenser and water thing in the door so Katie is stoked about being able to push buttons. The TV comes Thursday and it's slick like no other mother. It's flippin' huge and it's one of those HDTV's. It's pretty rad.

Other then that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Blah. I also decided that I think I have a crunch on JD like I thought over the summer. I don't know. He's always looking at me with that classic "I like you" look and I do think he's kinda cute. I don't know. All my friends are telling me that Matt [aka Evil Man] likes me. I'm like "Umm... I'm way over him." Hopefully nothing happens there.

Well, I'm going to go. I want to do some writing before I watch Donnie Darko. More tomorrow.
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