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Harmonicas sound really funny...

Booya. I had a good weekend so I'm happier then I have been lately. Ahh... the stress is gone. It feels so nice.

Let's see. I got my Sadies outfit. Or what I had to buy of it at least. I got this really pretty, lacy, cream colored, peasent style top. It shows off my chest a bit more then I would want but hey, you only live once. I also got this leather necklece with an amber colored pendant. It's kind of hard to explain but it is quite lovely. I got earrings to match too. I also got a Roxy tank top and new earrings that I'm going to wear tomorrow. So in all I'm going to wear the above with my white tank top under the shirt, my Roots jeans, and I'm going to make my hair pretty for Sadies. I'm still a little confused about my shoeage but maybe I'll find some when I go shopping with cross country on Friday. That is if I go.

Ahhh... speaking of cross country I royally sucked sushi at our first meet. I got like 37th. Yeah. I did not run the best I could but that day was a mondo bad day. Let me explain:

Leah's Really Bad Day: Wednesday, the 11th

  • It was the one year anniversary of Sept. 11th
  • I woke up late
  • I got stung by a scorpion three times on my butt and once of my hand when I put on my warm-ups
  • Had gross looking hair because I didn't have time to finish curling it
  • Got a four inch long bruise on my thigh curtosey of my desk and Johnny's desk in WH. It's about the most unattractive thing a person [esp. a girl] could have on their thigh.
  • Ran a terrible meet, and felt like I was going to collapse afterwards.
  • Got sick again

Yeah. It was not a spiffy day but, hey, I talked to Gregg. I like talking to him. He's such a nice guy and we relate to one another. I'm very happy I asked him to Sadies.

Friday was the first Clipboard Crew day. Erin and I tag teamed and we got a lot of input from kids. We talked to everyone from her friends to mine, really rude froshs to the JV football team. The JV guys are interesting. It was Pete, Jacob, Travis, Richard and Phil, Andy, and Mike were there but didn't say anything. Richard, Pete, and Jacob were like "We don't go to dances because there is no nudity", Travis was like "I have X-Box" and Jacob was saying "Pete goes for the cute boys." Travis kept rambling about his X-Box and Pete kept putting his arms around and on me. At one point he was hugging me and then he was leaning on me. Blah. But, hey he's my friend and there is no attraction so I didn't mind to much. Jacob has really nice eyes. LOL.

Well, yeah that was about my week if you add in talking to Gregg a lot and going to Oscar's with X-Country. Blah, I'm so relieved and all caught up. Now I can be normal again. Hooray.

Argh. I gotta go. We're eating soon and I still have to write an RN and do my Drivers Ed. Booya. More later...
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